Private Lessons:

Private Lessons are available and will generally be awarded a specific time/day reservation. Lessons may be canceled without penalty if 48 hours or greater notice is given. Between 48 hours and 24 hours will be a 50% penalty and less than 24 hours is a 100% fee penalty as it is impossible to re-arrange schedules to fill gaps on such short notice. Missed lessons are not refundable. Dancers are encouraged to find a regular time slot in their schedules for the maximum benefit of private lessons. Dancer’s accounts must be kept in a positive or neutral cash balance.

Group Lessons:

Group classes are in blocks of 5 week increments. Dancers may purchase a 5 week package at a discount rate or an individual drop in for any class. Lessons are not assignable or transferable and missed lessons are not refundable or transferable to the next session. We try to balance the numbers of leads and follow, but cannot guarantee a partner. Partner changes are encouraged but not mandatory. Instructors may suggest switching to a different level is there appears to be difficulty with the material being taught. In the intermediate and advanced lessons it is expected that basic movements such as Molinette right and left, forward and back ochos and forward and back boleos are clearly demonstrable and the dancers are familiar with the names and execution of various beginner figures as referenced in the Bronze DVIDA figure list.


Admissions to Milongas are for members and guests only of the Beso de Tango Dance Club. Admission fee do not include alcohol, which must be purchased separately due to liquor licensing. Poor milonga etiquette may result in expulsion from the Milonga and club. Please note that admission is not permission to solicit attendees for other functions and is strictly forbidden. Please respect the etiquette of the Milonga and refrain from teaching on the dance floor.

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Temporarily Closed

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily closing our business until further notice. We appreciate all the support and friendship the tango community has given us over the years, and hope we can dance with you again in the future.