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We love tango, and want to encourage as many people as possible to learn about, and get involved in this incredible dance. There are so many elements to learning tango; like the history, music and instruments, steps and figure, and so on. We have put together this page of resources we have found online, that we think are helpful in learning more about tango!

Tango History Video

When getting started in Tango, its helpful to learn about the roots of this beautiful dance. Here is a short documentary from YouTube to learn more.

The Heart of Tango​

Tango Links

Basics of Argentine Tango: Leading the Cross and the Notorious 8-step Sequence

Tango at Home! The Guide to Setup, Safety, and Home Improvement Costs for the Ultimate Tango Space

How to Host a Dance Party in Your Home

Tango Etiquette: Dance Floor Etiquette (Floorcraft)

Tango Dance Classes Can Help Your Physical Health

Tango Terminology

Tango Clothing

Tango Shoes

Tango Books

Here are some recommended books for learning about Tango.

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