The purpose of the Beso de Tango Facebook page and Website for is to promote events of interest to the Beso de Tango dance group.  Occasionally, events or postings outside of the Beso de Tango dance club may be approved for posting on the website and/or Facebook page.

For outside events to be considered for posting on the Beso de Tango page, the following criteria must be met.

  1. The person doing the posting must be on the email list for Beso events.
  2. The person doing the posting must be a member of the Beso Facebook group.
  3. The person doing the posting must have participated in at least 2 Beso events within the last 6 months, or at least 6 events in the last 12 months.  Without active participation in Beso events, no consideration will be given.
  4. The posting must have relevant content with respect to Argentine Tango.
  5. The posting content must not conflict with current or upcoming Beso events.
  6. The posting should be in the best interests of the club and follow club policy for appropriate content.
  7. If the poster is another dance group, then reciprocal posting must be allowed on their Facebook page.  Without reciprocity – no consideration will be given.
  8. All postings are subject to approval by an administrator and we also reserve the right to edit, omit, delete, or reject any postings without consequence.

Two week prior to any Beso event, it is deemed in the best interest of the club to maintain the clubs upcoming event at the top of the Facebook page.  Consequently, administrators reserve the right to delay other postings until completion of the Beso events so as to not have current Beso events pushed down the page and out of sight.

Other organizers are encouraged to submit posting for consideration and are encouraged to contact the club at any time to discuss events for mutual participation or advertising.  Requests for participation in the Facebook page and website should be submitted with sufficient advance time to allow administrators and webmasters to consider content.  We use an outside web master and instantaneous updates and postings on the website are simply not possible.

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Temporarily Closed

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily closing our business until further notice. We appreciate all the support and friendship the tango community has given us over the years, and hope we can dance with you again in the future.