The mandate of the Beso de Tango Dance Club is to promote UNESCO World Heritage Recognized Argentine Tango dance through the hosting of educational training and social dance events in the Calgary and Kimberley BC area.

We recognize a warm, friendly, and respectful environment as essential for the successful promotion of dance as a socially interactive activity.  We welcome both beginner and advanced dancers and everyone in between.  We believe that Tango dancing can be enjoyed as a family event, at any age, and therefore have no age restriction at any of our events.

We also recognize that there are many contributors to the community of dance and it is our hope to maintain professional relationships with students and other organizers within the community at large.  We will endeavor to provide ample notice of our events within the public forum and through our website and social media to enable attendees and other organizers to plan accordingly to minimize duplication with our events.

Attendance at any of our events, however, is not an entitlement to utilize our functions to advertise other events or solicit students, and we reserve the right to limit, edit, or restrict any and all outside advertising or solicitation.  We reserve the right to present or announce only information that is deemed to be in the best interests of the Beso de Tango dance club.  We also reserve the right to remove anyone from our events who is acting disrespectful or disruptive to other dancers or the organizers.

We will endeavor to promote Argentine Tango dance by holding and attending regular social and educational opportunities within the community and abroad, and by hosting qualified teachers, both local and international to perform at our events.

We do not support discrimination within the community based on abilities, gender, religion, financial ability, or nationality.

Paul & Denise
February 2016

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Temporarily Closed

Due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, we are temporarily closing our business until further notice. We appreciate all the support and friendship the tango community has given us over the years, and hope we can dance with you again in the future.