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Bandoneon #35

Builder: Saxonia Decoration: Walnut System: Rhein Keys: 110 Bellows: Red with gold stars Plates: Zinc Date: 1920’s Notes: Needs valves replaced

Bandoneon #34

Builder: Alfred Arnold Decoration: Black triple flower System: Einheits Keys: 128 Bellows: Grey Plates: Aluminum Date: 1928 Notes: Very nice condition

Bandoneon #33

Builder: Lynn and Healey Decoration: Full mother of Pearl System: Majestic Keys: 80 Bellows: Green Plates: Aluminum Date: 1930’s Notes: Looks like made by ELA

Bandoneon #32

Builder: Alfred Arnold Decoration: Walnut System: Rhein Keys: 130 Bellows: Brown Plates: Aluminum Date: 1930’s

Bandoneon #31

Builder: Bandoneon Fabrik Decoration: Walnut System: Rhein Keys: 104 Bellows: Blue Plates: Aluminum Date: 1920’s Notes: Nice small bandoneon

Bandoneon #30

Builder: Alfred Arnold Decoration: Chrome System: Rhein Keys: 104 Bellows: Orange Plates: Aluminum Date: 1920’s Notes: Chrome bandonion, special edition

Bandoneon #29

Builder: Blass Decoration: Walnut System: Bandonika Bellows: Red Plates: Aluminum Date: 1950’s? Notes: Mint condition, un-played

Bandoneon #28

Builder: Bolero Decoration: Plain black System: Chromatic Keys: 142 Bellows: Orange Plates: Aluminum Notes: French maker chromatique

Bandoneon #27

Builder: ELA Decoration: Walnut System: Rhein Keys: 108 Bellows: Turquose Plates: Aluminum Date: 1920’s Notes: Nice small size bandoneon

Bandoneon #26

Builder: Alfred Arnold Decoration: Plain black System: Rhein Keys: 142 Bellows: Green Plates: Aluminum Date: 1940’s Notes: Good player

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